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Review of Delsey Helium Aero 25″ Expandable Spinner Trolley

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Customer Reviews

Robust luggage for International travel

 on July 13, 2016
By Jeff
Purchased for international travel – a hard sided bag was the key driver for purchase

Great line of luggage, pro travelers and these are durable

 on May 2, 2017
By NC guy
We have had this suitcase for about 3 months, my partner and I travel a lot for work and pleasure so I did some extensive research on the pros and cons of hard luggage vs soft and the different types of wheels etc. This Aero Delsey line was always one of the top rated and made just about every travel blog luggage rating list I saw. We bought a whole set, the 29″, 25″ and 2 of the smallest ones the 19″ that has the outside pocket and can fit in a overhead bin. I would recommend getting the 3rd party warranty as it covers about anything and is well worth it if you do travel a lot like we do. All of the sizes that we purchased fit inside one another which is great for storage. You do have to get use to how to pack and open the hard luggage if you have never used them before. Don’t want all of you stuff pouring out in be hotel. Couple of things I would say to think about if you are looking for new luggage. The wheels are so important, these spinners are great make sure that no matter which luggage you end up buying make sure the wheels are double-sided spinners so it’s little 2 little wheels on each one (like on office chairs) some of the cheaper, and even more expensive brands have single wheels and they will wear down faster and break more easily. Also one thing to note, when you have these hard shell suitcases and you get to a hotel or where ever you are traveling to, if you are the type of person that likes to setup a luggage stand and just live out of your suitcase sitting on it, these may not be the best option for you. Since items are stored evenly on each side you have to open the suit case fully like a book to really access everything and to pack and unpack it, just something to consider. In the 3 months we have had these we have traveled 2 times internationally and probably 4-5 times domestically like NYC area to FL and NC, checking these hard shell suitcases does get some scratches on them but overall they have really held up well. The side handles, retractable handle and the wheels have all remained sturdy and we have not had any issues. The lock works great on the side and the inside zipper compartment and straps all work great. You can really fit a lot into these suitcases and the best part about this model is that is gives a little unlike some hard shells so you can fit that extra few things in, it also has the zipper expander but we have not needed to expand it any. The luggage looks great and very stylish, have taken it right into meetings with me and even had some complements. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions I have included a few photos to show have they have worn as most people probably travel less in a year then we do in a few months.

Three weeks with Four suitcases in Five European airports worked GREAT!

 on July 27, 2016
By AnnaInWonderland
We bought these before our big family Europe trip. We bought four of them, one for each family member. They went through London, Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen and Amsterdam airports without a single problem! The suitcases did great. No problem with wheels or zippers. In fact, one of the reasons we picked this suitcase was because the zipper was heavy duty. We got some scratches, but that is to be expected. Have you seen the way those guys throw these things onto the plane?

Super Light Weight, Durable, Fine for those Long Trips

 on August 14, 2013
By WBS77
Travel with a carryon whenever I can. Had a longish trip coming up, though, with many transfers (planes and trains) and many hotel changes. Hate to travel with the bulky, full-sized suitcase sitting in my closet. So, decided to try a 25 incher.

Delsey Aero and Titanium are wonderful bags

 on January 7, 2015
By ljmiii
I recently purchased four sets of luggage for our family – two of Delsey Helium Aero and two of Delsey Helium Titanium. First of all let me say that we are very, very happy with our purchase. The Delsey luggage is very lightweight and of very high quality. The wheels, zippers, locks, and almost everything else work wonderfully. My only complaint is that while the non-retractable handles feel great they sit flush against the case and are a bit stiff when you try to pull them out to carry the bag. Our hope/expectation is that they will loosen up over time.

the divider made it easy to pull out what I needed without digging through …

 on May 29, 2017
By Sailorgirl
Bought this to replace my largest soft side bag for longer trips hoping for a lighter, easier to maneuver alternative. So far it’s been fabulous. Used on a recent 1 week vacation as a test as normally wouldn’t take such a big bag for a week. Plenty of room , the divider made it easy to pull out what I needed without digging through everything. Rolled easily over sidewalks, curbs and streets. The bag is super lightweight so it was easy to lift for stairs. Rolling it upright is effortless and doesn’t pull on my shoulder and arm like my other rollaboards do. Expanding feature gives you a lot more room if needed. Looking forward to using it on a 2 week trip to Europe as I’ll have more to pack and will be carrying aboard trains and public transportation. The shiny exterior looks nice but I knew it would be scuffed and scratched right away which did happen. Would have preferred a matte finish but the size and weight were my priorities. This is one of the few bags that are 25″ rather than 26″ which for me seems a more manageable size.

Order JB Weld epoxy and a razor knife with it-?

 on June 9, 2017
By Ben Here
Mine was delivered June 1st, and the following week used on a road trip to a conference. No rough airline handlers, simply in and out of a rental car and a single hotel. Upon returning home yesterday (8th) when I removed it from the car one wheel was lying in the vehicle, had apparently fallen off while driving-!

Solid bag with few issues after 4-ish years

 on April 7, 2018
By Eileen
I have had this bag for almost 4 years now. This poor thing has been through an average of 12 – 17 flights a year in that time and I generally pack about 45lbs worth of stuff per trip.

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