Product Review: TFO Luggage Bag

Well howdy buddies I ' m Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters I ' m here to present you to the brand-new signature series of fly fishing travel luggage and equipment bags from Temple Fork Outfitters

These 2 here are the carry-all fly fishing bags and male for the cash this is a heck of a great deal of bag This is the medium size and you ' ve got the big here And these things are simply filled with functions, particularly for the cost The medium bag has your open flap here, with a standard pocket in the leading Then, you open it up and this is the truly cool function that a great deal of individuals like

You ' ve got some sunglasses pouches, which are velour lined so you can keep your sunglasses and not need to bring the extra case An extra pocket there, these bags are extremely well cushioned to safeguard the contents, then obviously on the bottom, is the rubberized molded bottom, which is water resistant, likewise to safeguard your things from getting damp Then on the rear end, you do have a rain fly begins putting down rain in the boat or anywhere you ' re fishing, you unzip it, pull it out, put the rain fly over it it keeps things water resistant The medium bag likewise has a translucent pouch on the back, permits you to keep things that you require fast access to on the back And a couple side pockets, simply truly filled with functions

Now, the big bag takes it up a notch, and I believe this is 4,000cubic inches, something like that Generally, all the functions of the smaller sized bag You ' ve got the translucent pouches here, however the big bag has this personalized system, these compartments that velcro in and out, enabling you to configure this bag precisely for your functions And it has a couple of additional pockets on the outdoors, a couple of additional pockets on the within too A lot of space to keep all your things

Formed bottom and rain fly The Temple Fork Outfitters Signature Series Travel luggage, the carry-all fly fishing bags Examine them out at madriveroutfitterscom

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